KEJO Bands

KEJO Bands

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Feel the burn with our KEJO Resistance Bands.  A complete resistance band set, comprising of 3 bands.  An all over body workout without all of the equipment so perfect for those home workouts.   Use as an additional resistance to boost  compound exercises.  Also ideal for physio and pilates.  Build and activate your glutes, stretch and engage your hip flexors with this amazing set.

  • Internal Silicone gripping to prevent roll and slip
  • Made from comfortable premium fabric which will not cut you like the traditional rubber bands.
Set includes:
  • 3 bands 
  • Black - 13" band 6KG - 11KG (ideal for squats, deadlift, thrusts)
  • Dark Grey -  15" band 11KG - 15KG (Jumping jacks, HIIT workouts, crab walks)
  • Light Grey -  17" band 18KG - 22KG (Donkey kicks, abductors, fire hydrants) 
  • Handy mesh and drawstring pouch

Care Guide:

  • Hand wash only in cold water - rinse thoroughly
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not bleach 
  • Dry flat