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Creating a new culture

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being.  Whilst movement and methodical physical exercise saves it and preserves it" 

There is still a vast amount of stigma surrounding mental health.  Our mental health and physical health are still treated as two separate entities.  There is a separation in society which I believe keeps this stigma alive.  Mental health should be seen as something that can be expressed in any environment. Mental health issues do not have specific and individualised environments to develop in.

In creating a shift and a new culture in terms of mental health, we will help to design new ways of managing individuals who battle with their mental health.  In turn this will reduce the number of people who feel isolated and who assume they do not have much support.  This will aid in preventing mild mental health issues developing into moderate and eventually a severe mental health diagnosis.

In educating health and fitness professionals with just the very basic elements of mental health will open up additional areas and avenues for mental health to pass through.  

Creating a knowledge and understanding of mental health in the health and fitness industry creates another environment that aids individuals to see that it is ok to express their personal concerns affecting their mental health.  Another place to use as a support system and an outlet to vent ones issues.   Therefore, helping to eradicate the stigma that it is only the physical aspect of ones self which is managed and improved in a health and fitness environment.

The simple fact that individuals suffering with their mental health, know that a health and fitness professional has a level of understanding in this specialist area, would give them the confidence to open up when they feel conformable to their trainer. This would then manage both the mental and physical areas of ones self. 

The key factor in helping an individual manage their mental health is the one to one aspect of personal training, whereby you build a relationship. Experienced personal trainers will understand, that once you have developed that relationship and report, you will find that your clients do open up about personal situations, both positive and negative.

Sometimes, the only barrier we have as a health and fitness professional, is lack of knowledge and tools to help our clients and prospective clients manage their personal circumstances.  To be able to support them in helping themselves can be a task without the correct education.  Being educated in mental health for a personal trainer is hugely important and will not only make a huge impact in our mental health services, but also in helping our clients. 

Who is our guest blogger Clifton Goldson?

Clifton Goldson is a Level 4 Certified trainer and coach.  Qualified in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and certified in Mental Health First Aid.
With 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry.  His freelance diverse client base ranges from working with people suffering from depression, stress and Schizophrenia to training Royalty and actors preparing for Marvel and Disney films. 
Clifton has also has an impressive portfolio of gyms under his belt and has lent his expertise to the likes of Lomax and BodySpace. 
He is accredited to teach and offers courses in Mental Health & Fitness Training (MHFT) at QPR Football Club. 
For more information and to contact Clifton please see contacts below:
Mental Health Courses | Goldson MHFT 



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