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KEJO was born in London, England on the 19th January 2019. Two mums came together with a passion for lifting weights and eating a lot of protein. What started as a conversation between sets, by gym buddies having a moan about our fitness wear, has turned into an educational experience and business partnership.

"way too expensive", "not soft", "uncomfortable on my waist", "see through when I squat", "they just fall down", "my fingers just went through the material" and not forgetting "camel toe!"

That day we left the gym, headed to Poundland, grabbed two coffee cups, pads and some animal print pens (just because they were cute) and went to work.

  "We will launch in April" - 'Yeah right!'

We thought it would be easy.  How wrong could we have been.  It has been a long, hard slog of designing, trawling through manufacturers, sometimes getting it right and on the odd occasion getting it so wrong.  Promising on instagram "launching soon", while battling to grow our followers and post content.

But, for two regular people who have had no experience in starting a business, dealing with designers, wholesalers, logistics or even selling online on any platform other than eBay and Shpock we have finally got here.  

Our journey over the past 10 months has brought us so far.  We have learnt so much and are by no means delusional that there is still a long way to go and so much more to learn.  

We have stayed motivated, while dealing with day to day life - our family and jobs, and are focussed on our end goal. Which is to bring a new brand of fitness and lifestyle apparel to the market,  for normal everyday people who enjoy training and keeping fit.  A versatile brand which can be worn in or out of the gym.  But, most importantly to enthuse and spread the word about KEJO.

"KEJO is an inner feeling.  It's your mojo, your growing confidence,  your passion and the way you carry yourself - your KEJO"  

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  • Kimberleigh Gelber on

    What an inspiring and honest account of what you have both gone through. As a new customer, I can say with great excitement that they are the most comfortable and flattering leggings and supportive yet sexy tops both very good quality and I am over the moon that I am not getting robbed by the price anymore like your competing brands. Well done and keep the brand expanding! ❤️

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