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Christmas seems like a distant memory right? How's your new year fit resolution going?
January always tends to be a long hard month.  Over Christmas,  grabbing that last mince pie or slice of the infamous chocolate log, we built up expectations and goals for ourselves.  We decided that we would get fit and eat healthier, lose weight, tone up and have the best 2020 bikini body on Instagram.  
While this is achievable with hard graft and dedication, many people fall off of their chosen New Year resolutions because they have set too high an expectation for themselves.  

Studies show that 80% of New Years resolutions lose their resolve by mid February.

University College London (UCL) discovered that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit, which means you have to stick to something until at least 7th March for it to become ritual for change.
As we move forward with technology and are now living in the digital age, we become susceptible to an idealism which, isn't always real.  We all love Instagram.  However, the Instagram perfect world, also brings unrealistic expectations into ones focus.  
We are bombarded with images which make us strive to be too perfect.  Setting unrealistic goals for ourselves when going after our perfect appearance.

What is perfection? Who determines perfection?  

Let's consider the law of attraction.  What one person may deem as being the perfect, fit and gorgeous mate, may not be so for their bestie.  So how do we then determine body perfection?  You can't as we all have different aspirations.  Some want to grow their booty, some want more sculpted arms, thinner thighs and so it continues.  We are all guilty of not being satisfied with our appearance in one way or another.

Did your Gran ever say to you "you always want the opposite to what you have"? Girls with straight hair - want curly hair.  Girls with big boobs - want small boobs.  

We need to start appreciating what we have been graced with by our genetics and celebrate our bodies.  Work with what we have and take our New Years resolutions at a more realistic pace.
So therefore, would it not be better to task yourself with a better goal? To make your New Years resolution to grow your body confidence, improve your strength, not just physically, but mentally too and fire your passion for becoming a fitter and healthier you?
/ke-jo/ n. your confidence, strength and passion

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